Jolie, Willis and Bieber: An All-star Team of famous people from Germany!

What sounds like a cheap trick to make you read this, is actually the truth. Many famous US/international stars have German origins. A good topic for the diablog to shed some light on and create a fictional soccer team of all stars.

Check out the team of exactly 11 people and an unexpected surprise after the jump/below.

Bieber’s name for example doesn’t sound very Canadian. That is why his grandpa lives in Berlin. He got the name via his father. On a sidenote: Bi(e)ber is German for beaver. It’s up to you to make some jokes having the information…

Next is Angelina Jolie. The woman who’s right leg has its own Twitter channel (background to that story here). Jolie got some German genes from his father Jon Voight.

And the list goes on: Sandra Bullock had lived in Germany until the was 12 years old. Her dad was a soldier there.

Be strong, people from the west: David Hasselhof may also have German origins. The major of the little town Voelkersen is a cousin of the famous Baywatch actor.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s mother is German, actor Kevin Kline has a German grand-grandfather, same goes for Kirsten Dunst (we had a story about that recently) and Uma Thurman’s family moved from German to Sweden and then to the States.

Some more:
Actor Kellan Lutz (“Twilight”)
Actress Charlize Theron
Actress Jodie Foster
Actress Katherine Heigl
Actor Nicolas Cage (he owned a castle over here)
and Actress Doris Day whose real name was Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff

(Klick on the image to enlarge it)

The most amazing fact is this one here (via German gossip website Bruce Willis, well-known as action hero, is a relative to this man here: Wilfried Gliem of the famous German folk music duo “The Wildecker Herzbuben”. So you know, the music is hard to stand, but we make it a perfect circle. A video of their greatest hit below. It’s called “Herzilein” (“Little Heart”). Maybe the official anthem to the fictional All-star Team.

Our most favourite lyric of the song: “Suddenly I saw a second moon / So blame it on the wine…

(Video by YouTuber Pitchhell75)


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