The Great TV Festival – A glimpse of what’s on your Telly Tomorrow

It’s called Great TV Festival and is an opportunity for experts and other people to check out what’s upcoming on east and west of the Atlantic television. Started in 2007 the annual festival shows and oftentimes premieres movies and series at a cinema in the town of Cologne.

So what were the highlights of this year’s programm? We show you four movies, one from each day of the festival.

Day 1:

Konrad Adenauer” – A documentary movie about the former German chancellor Konrad Adenauer. Starting with the moment he realizes the Berlin Wall was built, the movie also looks back to earlier years of Adenauer’s political and private life. [source]

Day 2:

Luck” – Michael Mann’s new US drama series which was submitted by HBO and features Dustin Hoffman in the leading role. He’s Ace Berstein, a former ace in the world of casinos. After being in prison for a few year’s, he now likes to get back to that form and fame… Sounds like an old story? Maybe. But It’s written by David Milch who wrote “Deadwood”. And critics like it, so HBO ordered a second season. [source]

This is the official trailer to “Luck”.

(Video uploaded by TVpotatoe)

Day 3:

The Night Watch” – A BBC Worldwide movie written by Paula Milne and directed by Richard Laxton set in 1947’s London. People are about to get back to a better life with World War II just in mind… The movie is based on a book by multiaward winning author Sarah Waters. [source]

(Promotional photos from all four movies/series from

Day 4:

Appropriate Adult” – Another British movie by ITV Studios. Social worker Janet Leach gets a call from the police asking her to be an Appropriate Adult. “Appropriate Adult is a defined term in the United Kingdom legal system for a person who will be asked by the police to attend the interrogation of a suspect who is suffering from mental illness.” The suspect Janet Leach meets is serial killer Frederick West… [source]

So just be reading this. What might be your favourite movie or series of those four?

For more information on the Great TV Festival, including some photos, information on all the other movies, and most importantly, next year’s timetable go to the official website.




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