Harold Chapman x The Beat Hotel Exhibition

(Photo by Harold Chapman)

The photo above shows writer William S. Burroughs at the Paris Beat Hotel. This here as an extra to our previous report about the first US-screening of a new documentary focusing on the now famous hotel in France:

OMC Gallery for Contemporary Arts presents a special exhibition of photography  from ‘The Beat Hotel and Other Images Made for the Future’ by Harold Chapman. It includes selected vintage and period Photographs from 1947 – 2012 and starts March 24 for an almost 4 weeks long run.

As a spokesman of OMC Gallery says: “This exclusive exhibition takes us to 9, Rue Gît-le-Cœur and a place nick-named the Beat Hotel. 55 years ago this run-down, 42 room residence in Paris’ Latin Quarter is famed for housing some of the most important writers, poets and artists of the Beat Generation during the mid-20th century.

We have some exclusive photos which are featured at OMC Gallery in Huntington Beach, Ca. More information at the official website.

(Photo by Harold Chapman)

Peter Orlovsky and writer Allen Ginsberg in 1957’s Paris.

(Artwork by OMC Gallery)


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