The Jezabels in Cologne: Exclusive Interview [Part 2]

(Photo by The Jezabels/PIAS Germany)

In the second part of our exclusive interview with the Jezabels from Sydney Australia, the transatlantic diablog asks the band about their upcoming shows in Australia, the origin of the band’s name and their most favourite songs ever. For many fans the recent the Jezabels’ recent singles are favourite songs. During the show at the Luxor in Cologne fans actually demanded for “Try Colour” after the band had already played one song.

tdb: How important is it for you to decide about singles? I mean, people don’t really buy albums…

Hayley Mary: It’s kind of hard for us, because we kind of don’t write singles as such. We just write an album. It was really, really hard for us to decide what’s going to be a single in the beginning. It’s still important but it’s not our strength. We chose the ones close to pop. It’s a real challenge.

tdb: For me “Rosebud” was an obvious choice.

Hayley: … and “Endless Summer.” And “Try Colour.” But it’s not actually that poppy upbeat…

(Video by PIAS Germany)

tdb: Radio does not play some many independent and off-mainstream music here in Germany. Is there any radio station in Australia that does?

Nik Kaloper: We got a radio station called Triple J.

He adds, that the station is funded by the Australian government but obviously not broadcast to every part of the continent.

Hayley: They are not commercial.

Nik: They play very well-known indie bands and commercial music at Triple J. Not those “featuring-songs”.

tdb: Would you collaborate with another artist, something like Coldplay recently did with Rihanna [Editor’s note: on their latest album “Mylo Xyloto”]?

Hayley: You don’t have to.

Nik: It’s cross-commercial.

Sam Lockwood: I think Coldplay reach a bigger audience through Rihanna.

With a massive touring schedule ahead the Jezabels are also about to reach a larger audience. In Australia they even play some “very large theatres” (Hayley) in May 2012.

Sam: It’s gonna be the biggest tour we’ve ever done…

tdb: So can we expect some changes in the stage production?

Heather Shannon: We did think about it, but it will be about small things. In the end I think people can be turned off by that, too. So it’s better to keep it simple and do what you’ve always done.

Nik: We try not to overdo it but also not to underdo it. I mean if you are at a big room, you’ve got to do something extra to show you should be at that room.

So the name Jezabels is something people should keep in mind, but where does it actually come from? Singer Hayley Mary reveals that Jezabel was the queen of Israel. The wife of King Ahab as mentioned in the Old Testament. That was many years ago, she quickly adds. It takes some more time for her to decide on her favourite song of all time.

tdb: In other words: What would be the last song you would play in a one hour radio show?

Sam: It would play “Last Goodbye” by Jeff Buckley.

Nik: Perfect. Or “So Long Farewell” from… [Editor’s note: from the musical “The Sound Of Music”]

Nik Kaloper starts to sing the song and then asks Hayley, who still can’t decide, if she would play “We Are The Champions” by Queen.

Hayley: Maybe “Heroes” by David Bowie. It’s about standing by the Berlin Wall.

Heather: I like the vibe of Berlin. It’s special.

Nik and Sam even say they would like to live there “for a couple of years.” Because of the people and the food.

(Photo by The Jezabels/PIAS Germany)

The conversation ends with the topic it began with – Germany. And so we speak about the special date of the day – March 18. It’s the day Germany elects a new Federal President. In the aforementioned town of Berlin. All four members of the Jezabels are very interested in foreign cultures and people. Guitarist Sam even knew the name of Germany’s new President Joachim Gauck.

Hayley: I guess, people from Australia and Germany are similar. We’re not totally the same but similar. Australians are very open. Germany is like that, too.

With thanks to PIAS Hamburg and, of course, the Jezabels
Interview by Lars Goellnitz

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