Barney Stinson does it, and some others, too! – Character Blogging…

Barney Stinson of “How I Met Your Mother” does it. Wilsberg of “Wilsberg” does it.

People on both sides of the Atlantic know the first name at least. It’s actor Neil Patrick Harris’ role in the much anticipated US-sitcom. Some people east of the Atlantic may also know Wilsberg. It’s a comedy crime series located in the town of Muenster. And both have a blog.

When fictional characters start to “write” blogs, it is a clever move of cross-promotion. Social media meets television. Barney Stinson is very active in social networking, too. So this might work well.

Check out his blog to find some useful information – mostly on how to find a “girlfriend”.

The blog related to the German crime series “Wilsberg” focuses on one or two of its episodes. Starting with the fake idea or joke that Bielefeld, another town in western Germany, doesn’t really exist. The Bielefeld conspiracy. A running gag in the end.

Here’s the blog.

Character blogs are a type of blog written as though a fictional character, rather than an actual person, is making the blog post. There are many character blogs on the Internet, and it has recently become popular among TV show producers as a means of promoting their show.” [source]

What are your favourite examples of character blogging?




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