What’s your funny name, baby? – A best of the best from east and west of the Atlantic!

Back in the day we had a list of the most famous names for new-born Germans and Americans. Since this list doens’t change so much from year to year – Marie is and was a classic – we decided to present some more nice finds.

The folks of Chantalismus collect and publish some of the nicest names – found in the real world. The name of the blog itself is a word-play on a popular name in Germany (Chantalle) and our idea of making nouns from everything. Just add the affix -ismus. So here’s another transatlanticismus – in other words: a list of three.

1. Sometimes parents name their children after the celebrities they like. Here are four of one family: Joséphine-Geneviève Máxima, Paul-Frédérique Albrecht, Max-Bénédict Ebert and Franz-Xaviér Tünnes

2. One for the transatlantic friendship: Lynette California (We also recommend San Francisco Smith)

3. And here’s one for parents who like alliterations: Justin Jason Joseph

So you see: After the people west of the Atlantic have always been a bit more creative, the other side of the Atlantic catches up.

We like the name of actor Jason Lee’s son. His name is Pilot Inspektor. For a top 10 of the most unusual celebrity baby names check out this link. Guess who named his child Diva Thin Muffin Pigeen…?

Your ideas or actual finds of nice baby names below, please…




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