Film Crews Undercover: Footage from dangerous Places

Journalists and correspondents from east and west of the Atlantic go (and have to) go to places you wouldn’t normally be at. For various reasons. Be it war, natural catastrophes or other circumstances. It’s always difficult to film and so to inform the world. Those people risk their own lives.

Glen Milner is one of them. We recently featured one of his videos that was shot in a rather friendly place – in Greenland. As his vimeo profile states, Milner is a “London based documentary and commercial director.” His “further work includes ongoing Video-Journalism for

One of those videos is about the 20km exclusion zone around the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Naoto Matsumara is the only resident living there, and Milner made a portrait. Going to a place with a very high exposure rate.

(Video by Glen Milner)

Another risky and somehow uncharted place is North Korea. The world doesn’t know that much about the state. “A growing group of North Korean dissidents [were] risking their lives to secretly film inside the repressive regime before smuggling the tapes across the Chinese border to show the outside world what is happening to their countrymen.” [source]

Their “video obtained exclusively by The Sunday Telegraph shows harrowing images of emaciated, fearful North Koreans suffering from food shortages and government oppression.”

Watch it here.

This one here a video shot around the time of the building of the Berlin Wall back in 1961.

(Video by deutschewochenschau)

It wasn’t actually filmed from undercover, but it was a special and maybe even dangerous place to be at that time with US and Russian tanks standind face to face.




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