More Journalism X The CNN Journalist Award

It’s a US news channel broadcasting from almost every place of the world where news happen. CNN.

Back in the days of the 1990s Gulf War, CNN was the TV first channel to have embedded correspondents. A term for journalists who work and report from the eye of the storm. Founded on June 1st, 1980, CNN was the world’s first news channel at all.

Headquarters of Cable News Network, that’s what CNN stands for, still are in Atlanta, Georgia. News come from all over the world. CNN is in Asia, Africa, Europe.

In January 1986, six years after the programm had started, CNN was on location broadcasting live as the NASA Challenger Space Shuttle exploded shortly after the lift-off. Capturing faces still shocked by what had happened. A few years later the Berlin Wall came down. CNN was there, too.

Many news channel followed, but CNN was the first. Since 1996 it’s part of the Time Warner Group. A media company. And so it’s looking for new talents.

This year the CNN Journalist Award had its first run. An award to support young film-maker, writer and photographer from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Honoring them for quality journalism. With the winners just announced we take a look at their stories:

Photo-Journalist Martin Schlüter was named “CNN Journalist of the Year” for his report about abused children of the Bering Sea.

Hannah Hölscher (Television) made a portrait of US soldier “Ethan McCord” whose life changed in Iraq.

Fritz Schaap (Print) for his article “Grundkurs Islamismus” [Basic Class Islamism].

Christine Auerbach (Radio) who interviewed a young woman from Egypt around the time of the revolution there: “Amani und die Revolution” [Amani and the Revolution].

Here’s the full recap with all the original stories, documentaries and photos.

(Video by CNN Journalist Award)



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