Photographer Eve Arnold. Hommage – Munich (w. Interview and Video!)

She was one of the first photographers who came to China. 5 days after the borders were openend in 1979. She invented the in-action portrait. For Marlene Dietrich. And she traveled between the worlds. Shooting Hollywood stars and other people – in India, Egypt, in Mongolia.

Eve Arnold. In April 2012 she would have celebrated her 100th birthday.

Eve Arnold was born as Eve Cohen. In Philadelphia. She was the fifth of nine children. Her parents emmigrants from Russia. In 1948 she dropped college. She wanted to become a doctor but now changed her mind to take photos. And she did. The few interviews and even photos of her exist, the more she photographed and portraited people.

Eve Arnold was in Egypt. Found a way to show what’s behind the veil, without lifting it. Capturing moments of Marilyn Monroe’s life without staging it.

(Video by HPGraphicArts)

A great archive of Eve Arnold photos – in black and white as well as in color – at Magnum Photos.

It’s the first exhibition in Munich now that shows an all-around view on her work. Three months after she passed away in London. Eve Arnold Hommage. The first ever exhibition of her work in Germany.

If you’re in Munich before June 6th, 2012, check it out. It’s free.

Time and exact place via this link.



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