Kraftwerk in New York, plus introducing their soundalikes Stabil Elite

Famous and very inspirational German electronic band Kraftwerk is in New York these days to play at the Museum of Modern Art’s much anticipated “Kraftwerk – Retrospective 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8”. It’s a week of performing. And every evening brings another album.

The first night Kraftwerk played their 1974 long-player “Autobahn”, what of course means Motorway in English. “The record that really made the German group’s international reputation,” as Rolling Stone magazine says. And such magazine also presents a special diary reporting from every evening of the band’s one week stand.

A short excerpt from part one (as well as the introduction of Stabil Elite – with a Video) after the jump/below.

Up in the second floor’s atrium, a scrim was raised at the appointed hour to reveal the quartet – led by 65-year-old co-founder Ralf Hütter, providing all the vocoderfied vocals – squeezed like bratwurst into matching Tron-style spandex body-suits. They launched the night with their de facto theme song, “The Robots” (basically a cybernetic version of “hey, hey we’re the Monkees”), before playing Autobahn in sequence. The heart of the record is the titular opening track, a 22-minute-long synthesizer symphony that evokes the sensations of a pleasant highway drive through the Ruhr countryside, welding a bouncy Beach Boys harmony to the hypnotic 4/4 “motorik” beat pioneered by their fellow countrymen Neu! […]”

Read more via this link.

While that’s the news for west of the Atlantic we take a look on the other side. Kraftwerk was formed in Dusseldorf. A town which has a rather arty reputation. And from this place now comes another band recalling the German electronic movement of the 1970s and following years.

Stabil Elite.

Before bringing you some more information we invite you to listen to their song “Gold” below.

(Video by ITALIC Recordings)

The three members band Stabil Elite recently released their first album called “Douze Pouze”. Get all the information including the unavoidable shopping option via Italic Recordings.

Additional reading:
Stabil Elite on Facebook
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