Decide and Win: Logo for New Online Shop “Gimme My Car”

The good folks of “Gimme My Car” have asked us to ask you, our readers, for help.

“Gimme My Car” is a new online shop for vintage car key tags – opening soon. They present you some favourite cars (small ones, of course) and then produce a key tag of it for you. You can also order a high quality image of the car, printed on aluminium.

Or in the words of the shop runners:  “Gimme my car is a unique platform enjoying and celebrating the days of youth and child hood. Choose your dream car and you will get it soon in a nice paper box with a short decription of the car and its origin.

But that’s all tomorrow’s stuff. Today the guys just can’t agree on a logo. There are just three in the raffle, which is a progress, but now it’s your turn. Just have a look at both options below and say which one your prefer. Is it logo one or two or three – all a bit vintage as the products?

Among all voters “Gimme My Car” draws at least one winner and sends him a vintage car key tag – they ship worldwide. Deal? To win, leave your e-mail address. As always: we keep it like a secret. Don’t be afraid. If you win, “Gimme My Car” gets in touch with you…

Voting and pics of the three options below/after the jump.

Logo one, Logo two or Logo three?



(All graphics by Gimme My Car – klick on the pics to enlarge them)

Sidenote: “Gimme My Car” is a new project of Fashion manager and photographer Marc Goellnitz. You may know him, we did an interview with him earlier this year. So that’s one of the future projects he had mentioned. For more information:



3 thoughts on “Decide and Win: Logo for New Online Shop “Gimme My Car”

  1. @Oh God, My Wife Is German: Thanks for your kind words. Sent them to the folks of “Gimme My Car”, too. Maybe you’ll win a special vintage car key tag. Or you tell your friends and they do…


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