MR PORTER presents Stockholm Fashion & We present some secrets of the town…

As much as the weather influences people’s fashion style, you don’t wear Bermuda shorts in Greenland, also the place does.

The good folks of MR PORTER recently put together a video of people from Stockholm, Sweden, telling us what they wear in the rather cold winter of the city.

Watch the video below/after the jump and find out what church you’ll see at the 0:58 minutes mark.

(Video by MR PORTER)

As there’s a lot of water in and around the Swedish capital, there are also some islands. One is called Riddarholmen. Close to the Royal Palace it includes the famous Riddarholmen Church – the burial church of the Swedish monarchs. [source]

Since you are prepared in terms of what to wear in Stockholm we now give you some clues on the hidden paths and secrets of the town.

Did you know that there’s a place called “Hell” in the ancient parts of the town? Or do you know why a part of a church disappeared in the 16th century? Those and 8 more secrets here – conducted by the people of StockholmGamlaStan.



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