Playlist: Songs to drive through the USA – by Bon Iver, Dusty Springfield and more…

With summer upcoming, well, that’s what we’re told on the northern half of the planet, some people may plan to have a little roadtrip through the States. Most of the times life is much cooler with some proper music blasting. So here’s our list of songs for the trip.

There are many lists of songs floating around the internet, but only this one is conducted by the diablog.

Some tracks are related to places, some actually name them, some just feel right sitting behind the wheel. Enjoy.

If You’re Going To San Francisco – Scott McKenzie

All hotels and motels fully booked in Los Angeles? Why not going to Frisco – natives call it that way. Well, they did once. But there’s more here: A bridge and the folks of SHIGERU (formerly known as THOUGHT FOR FOOD) report from the foggy town. Suprise news for people from east of the Atlantic. San Francisco has less than 1 million residents. Did you know that?

(All videos uploaded by various Youtubers)


Lonesome Town – Ricky Nelson

As far as we know there’s not even one town called Lonesome in the United States, but Ricky Nelson doesn’t stop it from singing about that place. If you’ll find the home of the rather sad and heart-broken people somewhere on your trip, drop us a mail.


Maps – The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Very important back in the early days: Maps. Today we have a voice telling us where to go. Maybe to New York where this band of three members comes from. They sound a bit like The Pretenders. Remember them? Whatever… “Made off / Don’t stray / Well, my kind’s, your kind / I’ll stay the same! / Pack up / Don’t stray…


Calgary – Bon Iver

We know, it’s not the United States. But off to the city in the province of Alberta, Canada. Located in the south, in an area of foothills and prairie, approximately 80 kilometres (which are 50 miles) east of the front ranges of the Canadian Rockies. [source] First settlements 11,00 years ago and town of the Winter Olympics in 1988. The band Bon Iver comes from Wisconsin, just took the name for the song.


Mama Said – Dusty Springfield

To make the list even longer, here’s a girl from England sounding like a US-singer. Dusty Springfield. “Mama Said” is the first track of her 1964 debut album “A Girl Called Dusty” released on Philips Records. And if your trips a bit longer, just let the other songs continue running and sing along to “Twenty-Four Hours From Tulsa” – that by the way is the second-largest city in the state of Oklahoma.


More lists of books, movies and songs to follow, if you like… Tell us below!




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