Jake Morley: Many Fish To Fry – Our CD/DVD-Review (Includes Video and Tracklist!)

This the start of our 2-days coverage about British singer, songwriter, guitarist and, well, blogger Jake Morley.

Our album/DVD-review for a start. Next up an exclusive interview with him.

First impressions: Jake Morley is not one of those singer/songwriters who just appears with a guitar on stage. He rathers brings some extra singers, an upright bass player, a keyboard player and violinist. To check it out watch the video below/after the jump. It’s from Morley’s latest and first album release that comes together with a special DVD.

(Video by Jake Morley)

The concert features all songs of the album, played in an intimate location – a cathedral. It makes the sound even brighter.

Now the long-player. It opens with the studio version of the aforementioned “The Light”. A melancholic and suprisingly short song – just 1:49 minutes. But “The Light”, with a sweet chorus and lyrically mentioning the barbershop singers it also presents musically, sets the tone for the second track.

It’s the uplifting single “My Feet Don’t Fail Me Now”. An instant sing-along song. You just can’t resist to join.

What else? Fortunately the album has many facettes. Singer/songwriters can too easily fall into the trap of sounding like someone else of that genre. Jake Morley rather varies the tempos of songs in the songs, sounds like a country/folk singer from Oklahoma (in “Be With Me Once More”) or incorporates melodies and rap-like styles of singing (“Freddie Laid The Smackdown”).

(Audio from Jake Morley’s Soundcloud)

The title track “Many Fish To Fry” presents you some strings that then suddenly disappear for an accordion. And Morley sings he misses his big brothers who left for Madrid. Very international and not only British as you may expect from the title. That also due to the production: Sometimes the album sounds like it’s been recorded in a bar, sometimes the full range of sounds, almost orchestrated, unfolds.

So it’s no surprise that Jake Morley teamed up with producers Phill Brown, he worked with artists like Bob Marley, Talk Talk and Faithless and Calum MacCol who helped Ronan Keating to find his sound.

Closing words? M is for Music called Jake Morley “one of the promising sounds of the year.And he himself said that “I love songs not technique.” – and that despite his way of playing the guitar. Nothing more to say…

Some latest news: On April 21st, 2012 it’s Record Store Day again and Jake Morley celebrated it with a special gift for his fans. He released a limited edition run of 250 CDs of the “Ghostess Live Studio Sessions” (maybe some of those CDs are still available in your local store…). That’s interesting, because the track “Ghostess” isn’t featured on the actual album, but played a lot during his recent live shows.

Read the story behind that in our exclusive interview.

Tracklist of the CD/DVD set:

1. The Light
2. Reeling
3. I Saw Something
4. Pondering On A Scenario In Which I Am The Hero
5. Freddie Laid The Smackdown
6. This City
7. Inside My Mind (unplugged)
8. Sideline (unplugged)
9. Be With Me Once More (sort of unplugged)
10. Feet Don’t Fail Me Now
11. Many Fish To Fry

The DVD includes a Lyrics Table (find out what that is by buying the album), a previously unreleased video for “The Light”and a full-length live concert as well as a track-by-track interview.

Additional reading:
Jake Morley’s 2012 Tourdates
Jake Morley at Red Grape Records

Thanks to Jake Colin Morley and Kerry Harvey-Piper of Red Grape Records…



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