All About the album: Stabil Elite “Douze Pouze”

In addition to our exclusive video interview with the German band Stabil Elite we now present you everything you need to know about their latest and first album “Douze Pouze”.

Name: “Douze Pouze” (ITALIC Recordings, March 2012)

Genre: Lucas Croon (synthesizers, vocals and arrangements) says: “In the end it’s pop music.

What the band says: Watch our exclusive director’s cut interview video to hear the band speak about the album and songwriting. It’s after the jump/below…

(English subtitles via the cc-Button)

01. Drei Gerade Zahlen (2:42)
02. Expo (4:13)
03. Hydravion (5:14) [recommended listen by Lucas Croon]
04. Rave Maria (3:45)
05. Milchstra?e (4:42)
06. Agent Orange (5:55)
07. Wir Kommen Aus (3:43)
08. Aether (4:18)
09. Endecomputer (5:38) [recommended listen by the transatlantic diablog]
10. Revue 12 (4:18)
11. Papier (4:23)
12. Dreiklang (0:54)


Listen to snippets of all songs above. A video to their latest single “EXPO” here.

Some lyrics: Ich hasse so vieles an Dir / Ich muss Dich lieben / Es wird niemals besser / Nicht morgen und nicht gestern…

Our verdict: Listened to the album? You hear those Kraftwerk bits here and there. But there are also parts that remind you of Depeche Mode’s 90s albums. Quite a blend this album. A great one for a debut. It’s not only about the music that makes bands successful. There’s another very important aspect. It’s the way a band behaves to their fans, media and in general- spirit, sympathy, dedication. Seems to be a good start for Stabil Elite…

Additional reading:
Stabil Elite on Facebook
Wanna have a copy?



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