Talking Pets – New sounds from Pop City Munich

Here’s Talking Pets, a band from Munich in Bavaria. We know they have a cat which (and this is a rumour) told them (!) how to name their band. Well, its first idea was “Pet Sounds”, but that’s already used somewhere…

Talking Pets is not a band! It’s just one guitar, one drum kit, one bass guitar, one synthesizer, no tricks! There are four members, two different hair cuts, three mustaches, three driver’s licenses and definitely no fear of pop music. Their interests besides music: swedish food and furniture, girls who can sing and… girls who can’t. All band members are located in munich, yet they are not rich. Maybe they will be someday, but not now.” [source]

With the summary above, it’s now time to listen to some music of the band (after the jump/below)…

Talking Pets recently took part in a project of a German (TV)Channel from Bavaria. Which was helpful in terms of shooting a video. Here it is.

Song: Montreal
Location: Paris
Band: Talking Pets

(Video by ARD)

We know it’s not cool for a new band to be compared with any other artist. But what do you say? We think there are a few notes that Death Cab For Cutie could have written?

Whatever. Bavaria is more than Weisswurst. But that too.


Additional reading:
Talking Pets on Facebook
The band’s blogspot Website




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