Actress Romy Schneider – The roles of her life (and at Bundeskunsthalle Bonn)!

She was inscrutable, mysterious and a great actress. Romy Schneider. Together with Marlene Dietrich and Hildegard Knef often considered as one of the worldwide stars from Germany. Born September 23, 1938 in Vienna, she wanted to be known as being from Austria. But she wasn’t, having a German and a French passport.

The lines between her life and movie characters were blurring. Especially in the later years of her career when she moved to France for more demanding roles. She got them there, having a second career after starting out with sentimental films full of regional background.

The roles of her life and more after the jump…

Prinzessin Elisabeth (“Sissi”)

Romy Schneider’s maybe most famous role. “Sissi” – A historical movie about Austrian Prinzessin Elisabeth and her. Both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes people only saw the Princess in her – forcing her to start anew in France.

(Video uploaded by LuckyStarAT)

Manuela von Meinhardis

Romy Schneider’s escape from her former roles. Playing a young girl, a boarder who falls in love with her female teacher. Afterwards she said about the 1958 movie “Maedchen in Uniform” (Girl wearing uniform): ” I know now that if you want to do something you can do it. […] I’m free…”

Elsa Wiener/Lina Baumstein

From her last movie ever: 1982’s “The Passerby of Sans-Souci” (original French title: La passante du Sans-Souci). Romy Schneider as the singer in a Paris Cabaret. The movie credits include the words “For David and his father” – addressing Romy Schneider’s son David who died in 1981 and his father Harry Meyen who commited suicide two years earlier.

(Video uploaded by 2Cloggies)

Now, 30 years after Romy Schneider died from cardiac insufficiency in her Paris apartment, an exhibition honors her. The Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn, the former German capital, presents black and white photos of the German icon. Very personal and impressive. From all years of her life. The exhibition is running until June 24, 2012.

Impressions in the video below…

(Video by Bundeskunsthalle Bonn)


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