Lunch Beat – Something new from Sweden… (for your lunch break)!

So what are you doing in your lunch break?

Some people from Sweden had the idea of not waiting until the end of the day to celebrate and invented the Lunch Beat. Party on high noon. Non-alcoholic drinks and something to eat. That’s the idea.

The Lunch Beat movement was born in Sweden no more then two years ago, in a garage located in the central parts of Stockholm city. On an ordinary weekday, fourteen people danced together during their lunch break and loved it. Since then Lunch Beat has spread organically all across the globe, engaging thousands of participants, by simply offering them a unique and quite different, co-creative lunch experience.” [source]

Seems to be quite easy. But there’s a “but” – or call it rule. Check it out in the video below…

(Video by petterkarlssonse)

And there’s some more to come. On May 31st the Lunch Beat moved to 15 cities all over Europe and brought them their own parties. For example in Belgium…

Ever experienced a Lunch Beat? Tell us below and where it was…




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