Bubble Tea: All you need to know about it! (PLUS: “Like it?”-survey and video)

There’s an obvious advantage Bubble Tea brings you. It saves time. Time you would otherwise spend on long lunch or dinner breaks. Bubble Tea is easier. You can drink and eat at the same time. Remember you baby days?

But now to the facts. Where does it come from? Finally arriving in Europe, via the United States, it orginally comes from Asia (Taiwan). Another invention after Pokemon and well, pasta. This is the moment all the Italians start to protest.

Bubble Tea (also known as pearl milk tea or boba milk tea) is a mixture of tea, milk and some little bubbles. Originally made of tapioca, we now have some variations of bubbles filled with juice. And some cold tea variations.

Video, survey and some cool places to drink Bubble tea at – after the jump/below…

(Video by TheRichmondReel)

Since many towns east and west of the Atlantic now have shops to buy some tea, here are just two places to go to. New York and Berlin.

Vivi Bubble Tea at 49 Bayard St, NY 10013 (Chinatown) seems to be a highly rated location. More here.

In Berlin Bubble Tea Café in the city’s centre is worth to check out. Here’s the full list at berlin.germanblogs.com.

Final question. Is it healthy? It’s tea after all…

As a sideeffect of reducing production costs (sometimes) pearls, milk powder, and juice syrups may contain banned chemical additives. “Some of these products may have been exported and used in bubble tea shops in the US and around the world.” [source]

So you decide… Tell us via our cool trendometer. Do you like Bubble tea?




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