JUMP FOR JOY! – A Photo Project by Eyoälha Baker

Being the inventor of a very cool project and traveling the world a lot, she’s a person to present on the transatlantic diablog: Eyoälha Baker, Canadian born, photographer. Her name is native North West Canadian language and means “wind”. Maybe that’s why she travels a lot. Maybe not.

That’s it for our educational objectives. Now on to the aformentioned photo project

“JUMP FOR JOY!” captures people around the world while, well, jumping for joy. Or any other reason. It’s quite entertaining and since “the world seems to be spinning faster than ever” it may also be funny to find out where you land. [source]

If you wanna join the project, at the moment it’s in the planning and fundraising stages, make sure to be at some of the following places – at the right time. From May to August 2012 Eyoälha Baker will be west of the Atlantic (Los Angeles, Hawaii) before moving to the other side (London and Israel) afterwards. For a full list of locations go here.

Additional reading:
JUMP FOR JOY! on Facebook
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6 thoughts on “JUMP FOR JOY! – A Photo Project by Eyoälha Baker

  1. @jumpforjoyphotoproject: You’re very welcome. Glad you like our coverage. Looking forward to new photos and stories you post. Feel free to tell us if there’s something we could also present on the diablog… See you soon.


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