Soccer Caricatures: 16 Teams from Europe according to Ricardo Galvao

Above the English team for the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship. At least according to Portuguese caricaturist Ricardo Galvao. The championships, in full swing in Poland and the Ukraine in June 2012, inspired him to create his very own pictures of every player and coach of the 16 teams.

You can check out all the other teams below/after the jump…

We recommend the German team. Have a look at goal keeper Manuel Neuer with a nice moustache. All the teams via this link at Ricardo Galvao’s blogspot site.

So now judge for yourself. Who do you prefer, the official mascots or one of those players? To compare: Below a video introducing the mascots. Slavek and Slavko.

(Video uploaded by embassyofmusic)

Additional reading:
The official EURO 2012 website




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