Photographer, Designer and some other things, too – The world of camou* aka Chris Amouzou (w. Photos and brand new Making Of Video)

The transatlantic diablog presents photos by camou* aka Chris Amouzou.

He has worked for the sports and fashion label asics, took photos of actors Denis Moschitto (a cool and brand-new video after the jump/below…) and Tyron Ricketts and now has another project…

It’s his personal vision and you may like it, too.

The transatlantic diablog met Mr. Amouzou for a chat and we tried to catch up on that and on what he’s doing now and next.

tdb: Thanks for spending some time with us. You are quite busy. What was the most recent thing you did?

C.A.: Well, that’s something I can’t say, really. There are so many projects at the moment and most of them involve very diverse aspects of work. I’m a designer and photographer, but there are also projects I work on as a producer or I write concepts for.

tdb: So what would you call yourself? What’s your job actually?

C.A.: I’m a Vending machine for Prosecco, milk and juice that also serves you coffee… I just wanna be creative in various fields and forms. I work as a freelancer for various customers. The most recent thing I do as a personal project is my little web-shop of cool things. It’s called &thecatch.

(Photo by camou*)

The photo above shows actor Denis Moschitto while struggling to write his first screenplay. camou* aka Chris Amouzou was on location in Aachen capturing the process. Here’s the brand new “Making Of”-Video…

(Video by jumpcuts&camou*)

tdb: You live in Aachen [Editor’s note: We will have some more information on the town here soon…] which is the most western part of Germany. It’s close ot the Netherlands, but a small town. Does it have an impact on your work?

C.A.: I like Aachen. It’s a place to calm down… That’s where I had the idea for &thecatch. It’s an easy thing I thought about for a long time. A friend recently encouraged me to start the shop.

tdb: What’s the concept?

C.A.: I often describe it as Online Museum meets Design Classics meets Toys and Vintage Specials. It’s a place to browse through. Not just in terms of the web, but through the products. We have things that may inspire you. Things you can buy for yourself or your loved ones…

At the moment I present an original Time Life Chair that Charles Eames hat designed in the 1960s especially for the building.

(Photo by camou*)

tdb: Any more projects for 2012?

C.A.: I’m working on some art-projects. My camera of choice is a Yashica. And I like to use it a lot more this year for some cool things. I don’t wanna spoil those things too much, but I will let people fall and fly and objects will be glued and drowned…

(Photo by camou*)

Additional reading:
camou* aka Chris Amouzou’s personal website
&thecatch online museum and shop


5 thoughts on “Photographer, Designer and some other things, too – The world of camou* aka Chris Amouzou (w. Photos and brand new Making Of Video)

  1. @ Adrian Lewis: Thanks for your kind words. Sent them to Mr. Amouzou – the guy we’ve reported about. We’re the transatlantic diablog. Thanks again…


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