“Referees At Work” – Watch a Documentary about the hardest job in the world of Soccer!

It’s a sometimes very fast game. Soccer. Just seconds for the players, fans and most of all the referees to react. A Belgium documentary, released in 2010, shows how hard it really is for referees to decide if it was a goal, or not, a foul or just some acting.

For the documentary “Referees At Work” the European football association (UEFA) for the first time gave permission to include the radiocommunications between the main referee and his assistants. Ever wondered what they tell each other? Ever wondered how they prepare for the game? And what they do afterwards?

The full movie (in English with German subtitles) after the jump/below…

(Video produced by Entre Chien et Loup)

Additional reading:
Buy and watch the “Referees At Work” in high quality
The movie on Facebook




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