What’s Up for 2012? M Rae, runner of the “Peas and Cougars” blog

We had experts in fashion, traveling the world, and now it’s M Rae of the 2011 transatlantic diablog award winner blog “Peas and Cougars” who says “What’s up for 2012”. Now almost six months after she was announced as the winner, here’s a look at what she expected from the year – back in January 2012…

tdb: We are up for topics, trends and trivia. What do you think people will talk and write about in 2012?

MR: I think there will be a lot of topics and trends revolving around politics, especially since this is an election year for America. Other than that, I expect a lot of sci-fi films and speculation on the end of the world.

tdb: Any new plans or projects for Peas and Cougars in 2012?

MR: Not specifically. I’m always worried I’m going to run out of content, but then some random thing will happen that gives me something to write about. I do have a few personal projects semi-related or inspired by Peas and Cougars that I’m hoping to work on though

[tweet http://twitter.com/DeathOfPeas/status/213803378290065408]

Read the whole 2-Part-Interview we conducted with her earlier this month.

And this is the link to check out the latest cartoons at Peas and Cougars.



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