Own Or Lend? The new trend of sharing with WHYown.it and other networks!

It’s an old idea. Knowing someone who knows someone who owns what you need. Weather it’s a drill machine, a car or a sofa to sleep on. And why buying something that you only use one time in a month?

So here we are. It’s not a far step to make the idea more universal. Networking meets social networking meets social sharing networking.

Some young folks from Hamburg, Germany now started a new project of sharing. It’s called WHYown.it. And they just give you the answer. “WHY own it helps you to find and get them. Imagine how much money and resources you can save if you buy less and borrow more.

(Photo: Partial screenshot of WHYown.it)

If you wanna sign up now, you can do it here.


Speaking of sharing. Do you know which “traditional” social media network is used most often to share something found on the internet? Well the folks of Clearspring Technologies made an infographic about it. It’s here. Check it out, because #WeLoveInformation.

What else to share? A bike maybe. The Bike-sharing Blog, founded by MetroBike, North America’s first bike-sharing consultancy, shows you where in the world it’s possible to share a bike with someone else. Spain? Poland?

(Video by deutschewelleenglish)

Finally an option to share something is to share a passion. A passion about food in this case. Well, you can also share a pie. The Supper Club is a website run by Mrs. Rebecca Clark […] a local foodie in the gorgeous Fraser Valley area of British Columbia. [source]

(Photo: Partial screenshot of TheSupperClub Website)

Along with some recipes she also shares her English-English dictionary of cooking terms.

Some other cool things you wanna share with us and the people east and west of the Atlantic? Do it below!




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