Test Yourself: Are You A Hipster? (#WeLoveInformation: Tree Diagramm!)

According to Douglas Haddow (scroll down to read who he is) a hipster culture can be described as a “mutating, trans-atlantic melting pot of styles, tastes and behavior[s].” [source]

So hey, a trend with the keyword “transatlantic”. That’s a topic for us. And since #WeLoveInformation, we hope you do as well, here’s our little infographic tree diagramm. Let’s go.

That and more after the jump/below…

(Click on the diagramm to enlarge it)

Your critical comments below, please.

Additional reading:
Douglas Haddow is 28-year-old Canadian writer, designer, video artist and “general media enthusiast”. His personal blog is called PBLKS.com.




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