Eyoälha Baker’s Jump For Joy Project – A Gallery of Stories Behind the Photos!

I love capturing a beautiful moment, the essence of the person being expressed though their own creative self. I sometimes feel so full of energy, its like being shot with adrenalin… and very often go into fits of laughter… – and the outtakes are often just as enjoyable as the perfect capture.” [Eyoälha Baker]

Art Photographer Eyoälha Baker and some of the people she had photographed so far reveal some of their ideas and experiences of shooting for the Jump For Joy Project. More information about the project itself via our previous story.

Below/after the jump a gallery of more photos and stories…

My philosophy in life is to cherish every moment, take time to fully experience the good and then embrace the bad moments because they are lessons in life and an opportunity to challenge, to grow and to learn. I have so much to be joyful about in my life. My family, my wonderful friends, gorgeous Los Angeles weather and simply me! I love creative projects like this that are meant to inspire and uplift so when I was asked to participate I immediately wanted to.

Katie Shaw is the owner of The Actor’s Key, a casting director workshop studio in Burbank, CA. Born in West Virginia and now living in Los Angeles she also has “a passion for interior design.

Jan Holicky is a student at the University of Praha. He’s living in Prague and Budějovice, Czech Republic.

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