“Born Into Coal” and other Coal Love Stories – PLUS: Is there a future for coal?

A short documentary film by current New York Times producer Catherine Spangler about people related to coal.

There are quite a few in various places all over the world. Making a living from digging underground. Spending most of day in the dark. In Germany’s Ruhr area, as well as in West Virginia. Catherine Spangler portraits Coal queen pageant contestant Arianna Bailey competing for a crown to represent her family’s way of life.  And she introduces former miner Goose Stewart lives with the memories of a mine explosion. One thing that binds both families is coal.

Find out about the family’s personal futures and ask yourself the question if there is any future for coal at all. It’s not an infinite amount of it under the surface of the earth. So jobs might disappear. Very hard jobs that most of the people who have them love anyway.

The film and discover “Powering A Nation” after the jump/below.

(Video by Catherine Spangler)

Camera, sound & editing by Catherine Orr and Catherine Spangler
Additional camera by Hadley Gustafson
Graphics by Sarah Riazati

“Born Into Coal” is also featured by the “Coal: A Love Story” project of Powering A Nation.

The 2011 Fellows of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill explored “our modern culture’s complicated relationship with coal. Almost half of the nation’s [Editor’s note: of the USA] electricity is generated from the burning of coal. Despite the fact that we rely on electricity for nearly everything we do, few of us are aware of how it is generated. Whether we like it or not, we are in a complicated relationship with coal for the foreseeable future.” [source]

There are a few more movies presented for the project – all part of a project in journalistic storytelling. Check them out via this link.

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