Artist Kelsey Brookes + Red Hot Chili Peppers + Keegan Gibbs

The famous Rolling Stone Magazine recently reported that US rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers are about to release a new collection of left-over tracks from the latest album “I’m With You”. The project starts August 14 and includes a bunch of 7-inch vinyl singles as well a digital download. More on that here.

The artwork for each of those singles is contributed by artist Kelsey Brookes from San Diego, California. He and his work full of colors and iconic motifs is represented by Quint Gallery in La Jolla, CA, New Image Art in Los Angeles and Lazarides Gallery in London. One of his pieces above. [source]

More on that and the third artist in this article, Keegan Gibbs, after the jump/below…

Kelsey Brookes was recently photographed by fellow WordPress blogger and artist himself, Keegan Gibbs. Check out his “portrait” below.

Keegan Gibbs graduated film school and has then “spent a good chunk of my time surfing, traveling and hanging with friends and meeting new people, shooting the elements and individuals that make up [his] life.” [source]

Here’s one of his short and very atmospheric video clips. “Three Blind Mice” on a fairground. With music by Ariel Pink “Jagged Carnival Tours”.

(Video by Keegan Gibbs)

Additional reading:
Keegan Gibbs Blog
Kelsey Brookes Blog



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