Music For “Fringe”: Introducing Composer Chris Tilton

TV-shows by director, producer and writer J.J. Abrams have something in common. Apart from the brilliant writing, building of complex story arcs and shifting perspectives – in time and space – it’s the music. Remember the orchestrated sounds combined with spare electronics that made the show “Lost” even more thrilling? It’s composed by J.J. Abrams long-time collaboraters Michael Giacchino and Chris Tilton.

Chris Tilton took over full musical duties for the sci-fi series “Fringe” during its second season. And when this great show comes back for the last and fifth run in September the music will be by Mr. Tilton again.

More and music after the jump/below…

Here’s a track called “Good Ol’ Charlie” from the Soundtrack to the show’s second season. It combines a lot of the elements the music to “Fringe” consists of. Melody, rhythm and melancholy.


For more information on the score, including some background stories on how the score was compiled, check out Chris Tilton’s website. For some brand-new music to recent episodes of Fringe click here.



Tell us what you think about the music of Chris Tilton and the TV-show “Fringe”. Greatest show ever – as many say? Sad it’s over soon? Your message below in the community section…

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