In English now: German Singer Herbert Grönemeyer’s new Album “I Walk” [Updated: Listen now!]

[Updated:] Here we are. The first sound snippets of all tracks are now available. Listen HERE. And now there’s also an English website by Mr. Grönemeyer on the internet. It’s HERE.

In Germany he’s a living legend. Highly appreciated for his lyrics, even more than for his music. That’s maybe a typical German idea of consuming songs, but it’s also deserved. Herbert Grönemeyer creates multi-layered worlds of words. Some German’s joke that they never understood a word of what he’s singing, but they are always deeply touched by the lyrics.

Now Grönemeyer’s doing it in English. Why that? Before moving back to Berlin for family reasons, his centre of life was in London – for more than a decade. So at least he’s fluent in English. Another positive aspect is that “I Walk”, that’s the album (out October 8, 2012), is far from being a best of album. Songs are re-arranged, re-thought, re-recorded. The beautiful “Zum Meer” from 2002 turns into “To The Sea” and now features James Dean Bradfield of the famous and also legendary Manic Street Preachers on guitar. Then there’s the first single. “Will I Ever Learn”. Performed as a duet with Antony Hegarty of Antony & The Johnsons.

Listen to it after the jump/below…

(Video by Grönland Records)

According to recent news from the record company the album may only be released in the UK, USA and in Scandinavia. Accompanied by a TV-special Mr. Grönemeyer recently did film in the famous studios of Potsdam-Babelsberg, near Berlin.

Something to look forward to.

Album tracklist:
1. Mensch (presumably w. Bono)
2. All That I Need
3. Will I Ever Learn (feat. Antony Hegarty)
4. Keep Hurting Me
5. To The Sea (feat. James Dean Bradfield)
6. Because Of You
7. Before The Morning
8. I Walk
9. Airplanes In My Head
10. Behind The Glass
11. Same Old Boys
12. The Tunnel


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