Two Door Cinema Club: New Album “Beacon” plus Documentary “What Wee See”

It’s a quite joyful noise and something to dance to. The new album by North-Irish, now Glasgow, band Two Door Cinema Club. After their debut album from 2009 (“Tourist History”) brought them on the radar of the music world, this is their second attempt.

“Beacon” is produced by famous producer Jacknife Lee at his home-studio in California. And you can’t help and hear that in the songs. Even if the lyrics get a bit depressive, “Sleep Alone” is about nightmares singer Alex Trimble had after moving to Glasgow, the music is still uplifting.

Listen to our favourite track “Someday” below/after the jump. There’s also a documentary about the band’s recent touring activities and more…


(All Photos: Screenshots from “What We See” Documentary)

(Video by Babysweet Film and Two Door Cinema Club)

Additional reading:
The band’s website
More of their songs on SoundCloud




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