Ausreichend / Adequate: A film by Isabel Prahl (with Teaser Clip)

Talking to French-German TV channel ARTE, director Isabel Prahl said “Ausreichend” is about a young teacher close to his final exam and full of ideals and ideas. But in the end the half-an-hour movie is more than that. It’s also about love, jealousy and fear.

A student secretly loves a girl in his class while she falls for the young teacher who now has to deal with that situation. He even has to cope with acts of sabotage by the student. Something that could risk his whole career.

Ausreichend or Adequate captures you. With the story. And with the unusual idea of putting the camera into perspective. Filming from the students points of views. All that in dark and colourless tones.

Much to find out in only 31 minutes. Watch a preview for the movie below/after the jump…

(Video uploaded by the beauty aside)

More information about young director Isabel Prahl via her German website. She’s also known for her film “Armut kennt viele Geschichten” [editor’s note: roughly translated probably as “Stories of and about poverty”] but obvioulsy has some other talents, too. There are quite a few topics she has studied: design, film, art and literature – all that at university, of course.

Tell us if you wanna watch the whole movie. It recently got an airing on the aforementioned ARTE channel.

Ausreichend / Adequate
31 Min., Germany, 2011, WDR
Director: Isabel Prahl
Script: Isabel Prahl
Camera: Maximilian Kaiser
Music: Gregor Keienburg
Editor: Daniel Scheuch
Producer: Lutz Heineking, Peter Heineking
Sound: Kai Holzkämper, André Besseling
Actors: Thomas Fränzel (Jakob Hansen), Jonathan Dümcke (Lionel), Carola Schnell (Lisa), Simon Eckert (Peer), Thomas Balou Martin (Herr Bäumer), Mariele Millowitsch (Frau Jeckel)

Additional reading:
An interview with the director (in German)
Armut kennt viele Geschichten (watch here)


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