STROKE URBAN ART FAIR Berlin – Facts, Photos and Video here!

Again, Berlin is meeting art. This time with the Urban Art Fair Stroke. For the 3rd time in the German capital, people go there to catch up with latest trends in street art, graphic design and even live art performance.

We were there, too. Check out our photo-report from the former industrial area of Berlin Postbahnhof – next to the famous East Side Gallery.

All that below/after the jump… (Contains explicit content)

(All photos taken at Stroke Urban Art Fair and contain products by various artists)

The event in our reporter’s words:

It seems that urban art AND street art have arrived, or soon will, in the genre of contemporary art and gains the respect and recognition it deserves. More than 60.000 people showed up during the last three years and got surprised by the overwhelming portfolio of the different artists.

Of course this scene is very much influenced by its big protagonists like Shephard Fairey aka OBEY, Brian Donelly aka Kaws, Ron English and of course Banksy to name a few – but there is more.

Very often contemporary art gets its inspiration from the ever changing and developing environment of urbanity and its vital society, so you might imagine, how many different perspectives and ways of creating this will bring up.


Additional reading:
Marc Goellnitz reports from ME Collection Berlin
The official website of STROKE URBAN ART FAIR



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