Shopping Destination PATTERN OF SOCIETY – Favourite tie question and Gottschalk included!

The name of the label is as unusual as the names of the products. Ever heard of a tie called Hubert? Or Dudley? We did not, and so we checked out who the creative mind behind PATTERN OF SOCIETY is.

It’s fashion school graduate Gisa Klement. The label is her personal idea and a very young business, too. First birthday celebrations are upcoming at the end of the year. And popularity is growing on various levels. Remember the new and highly anticipated show (it has been finished in the meantime) with German TV-monument Thomas Gottschalk we reported about in January? One guy of the on-screen-crew wore a tie by PATTERN OF SOCIETY.

Proof and more details after the jump/below…

Here’s the link to the Screenshot of Gottschalk Live.

But that’s just a sidenote. There’s more. High quality products. And some cool ideas like two different fabrics for one tie. That’s special and makes it unique. Don’t wanna show the bottom-end? Just hide it.

For more facts about PATTERN OF SOCIETY contact us. And before that visit the offical website (Link at the bottom of the article) to get some in-depth-information on the label and everything around it.

That’s much, but any further ideas, Miss Klement?

She has. There are some new products in the stage of pre-production. More ties. Silken products. And for the first time now: Something for the girls and women. Handkerchiefs made by PATTERN OF SOCIETY.

All that combined in a nice bundle, maybe?

Check out another great idea by PATTERN OF SOCIETY. They recently launched a special Crowdfunding project. For those of you who want to promote that and get some (some means at few ties) in return click here. 100 € brings you two ties and two handkerchiefs for example.

To find out what “Hubert” looks like, head over to the official SHOP of PATTERN OF SOCIETY. And here’s the official website, as promised above…



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Gisa Klement shares some style with Cult Edge Magazine




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