ON JACK’S ROAD. A Film about Kerouac, his famous Book and four People in America [WATCH HERE!]

In 1951, 60 years ago, Jack Kerouac wrote a book. A classic now. “On The Road” [German title: “Unterwegs”]. Generations of people have read it. Felt inspired by it. And it still captures a lifestyle. The idea of traveling from one end of the United States to the other one. A novel like a roadmovie.

What was it like? America of the 1940s and 50s. What did the Beat Poets see on their way from New York to San Francisco? What were they looking for? And did Jack Kerouac consider himself a Beat Poet?

It’s 2012 now and four young people re-lived the trip – as a photographer, musician, writer, and everything else. Together with some cameras they went to the places the book mentions. Streets. Houses. The house where Mr. Kerouac was born. All those places mixed with the expectations and ideas of those four people.

The French-German TV-channel now premiered the two-part documentary.

You can watch it after the jump/below. But only for a limited time. So hurry up…

(Trailer by Marlen Mueller)

Head over to ARTE+7 for the full documentary (available until October 6, 2012)


The good folks of ARTE also put together a map of all the places the film takes you to. It’s here.

Director: Hannes Rossacher
Assistant Director: Catharina Kleber
Production: Kobalt
DoP: Alexander Seidenstücker, Benedict Sicheneder
Production Management: Patrick Eaton
Sound: Udo Kreter
PA: Simon Möller
Cast: Anna F., Marlen Mueller, Phil Hodges, François Lang

Additional reading:
The official tumblr blog about the trip and the movie
The movie on Facebook




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