Weltenreiter Tyron Ricketts. Back with a Book and Songs! [Video incld.]

Weltenreiter Tyron Ricketts. Back with Songs and a Book!

Weltenreiter is a German wordplay. A mixture of Welt (World) and Wellenreiter (someone who’s actually surfing). And all that combined you now get from actor Tyron Ricketts. In the physical form of a book and album.

He himself said he was a bit exhausted after quitting the rather safe job at a German crime series a few years back. What then? Maybe traveling. That’s what he did. Six months and one ticket, various countries – most of them hot-spots for surfers.

Being home again he put all the photos he took in a book. It’s out now and has the same cover as the album he wrote. The first in a long time. In a recent TV-interview Ricketts said he was a bit afraid that his songs sound too old school. Do they? Maybe. But it’s also sweet soul music. Or at least music for soulful people.

His latest video below/after the jump. Filmed on the trip? – You got it. Some German lyrics anyone?

(Video uploaded by Makermusik1)


Additional reading:
Mr. Ricketts on Facebook (Shopping information there, too)
Artschoolvets Magazine from Berlin about Mr.Ricketts




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