(No) Vampires Beyond This Point: Forks, WA – The town of “Twilight”

Forks, WA. Incoporated August 28, 1945, elevation 300 ft (91 m), ZIP code 98331, total population 3,552 (in 2011).

Sometimes they’re fictional, sometimes they’re real. Places where famous books and movies are set. In this case it’s much more difficult, because the books and movie series we’re talking about deals with vampires. And they must be fictional, right?

Forks, Washington is the small town where Stephenie Meyer located her series of books, called “Twilight”. And since the books are quite famous, the town is too. But where in the world is Forks, WA?

The answer and some more things after the jump/below…

Here’s the transatlantic diablog map to track Forks, WA. Close to the Pacific Ocean and not far from Seattle.

According to the town’s own weblog, Forks (“located in the heart of the Olympic Peninsula”) seems to be a quite friendly place for people, vampires – and animals:

Forks has changed from a farming community to whatever it is now, and animals have remained important to residents through the various transitions. Friends of Forks Animals have a message phone listed in the phone book for issues related to animals in Forks.  A nice lady listens to the messages on a regular basis and directs inquires to the appropriate places.

[tweet http://twitter.com/DiscoverForksWa/status/203250796228386816]


Friends and fans of “Twilight” head over to this place here for more information and photos. Enjoy.

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