“The Art Of Fielding” – A Book by Chad Harbach [Read an Excerpt here!]

The German FAZ newspaper says something like “welcome to the first league, boy. All parts of America are reading your book…” about author Chad Harbach. It’s his debut novel and took him 11 years to write it.

A book about talent. Winning and failing. And Baseball. All that in an All-American setting. A college in the Middle West. One of those places you instantly have an image of when you hear the word college…

But why not asking publishing directorย Nicolas Pearson what the book is about?

A video with him and an excerpt of the book after the jump/below…

(Video by SamHCUK)

For all our German readers we can present an excerpt of the novel’s first ย pages. Presented at Dumont Buchverlagย (just click on the book cover on the left side to read it there).

Additional reading:
More about the book
More about Chad Harbach


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