Moving The Still Festival by Paddle8 – Celebrating Animated Digital Art [GIF included!]

If you ask Google about a “GIF”, you will get at least 10.950.000.000 results. Mostly pictures. But what is a GIF? GIF is a digital image format and stands for “Graphics Interchange Format”. And: it also supports animations. So here’s the next level. Mostly used as avatars or some funny joke pictures, GIFs are obviously more. Art maybe?

Paddle8, “an online destination that offers international collectors access to a selection of works from the world’s leading galleries, foundations, and art fairs” [source], now curates a special art festival for GIFs. It’s called “Moving The Still” and even has its own tumblr-page. That makes sense, since tumblr is the place for photos and GIFs.

Some GIF-art and all you need to know about the festival below/after the jump…

The “Moving The Still” is one of the first, if not the first, festival for original digital GIF-art. Presenting user generated content as well as GIFs by well-known artists. The announcement of winners is still ongoing, with the final results coming November 26. All you need to know, at the festival tumblr page. It’s here.

Below a special GIF-art piece from the transatlantic diablog.


(Click on the GIF to start the animation)



What do you say? Are GIFs art? Maybe you even have some cool GIFs you like to share with us? Do it below…

Additional reading:
Stroke – Berlin Art Fair report
Das Kotzende Einhorn Blog about the GIF festival




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