Fanta Dorado & Der Innere Kreis: First Solo Album by Nikolai Szymanski of Stabil Elite [Listen Here!]

Earlier in 2012 the transatlantic diablog had the opportunity to have a chat with the electronic band Stabil Elite in their hometown Düsseldorf. And while the three-piece combo is still touring their debut album, member Nicolai Szymanski now releases his first solo record. As Fanta Dorado & Der Innere Kreis.

It’s still electronic music and sometimes sounds like Stabil Elite. But why not?

All you need to know, the video to the single “Die Insel” and a preview of all tracks below/after the jump…


(Video by Italic Recordings)

Nicolai Szymanski describes his songs as a “mixture of pop, industrial, wave and krautrock.” Tell us what you think about it…


Fanta Dorado & Der Innere Kreis
Title: Fanta Dorado & Der Innere Kreis
Release Date: 19 October 2012

01. Der Kreis (4:13)
02. Rohrentaler (4:47)
03. El Dorado (4:19)
04. Die Insel (3:29)
05. Das Geister Flo? (4:04)
06. Duell (5:02)
07. Die Konigin (4:54)
08. Pose (3:32)
09. Olympia (3:25)
10. Flotte Fantasio (5:51)
11. Tachyonen-Mann (5:31)

Released by: ITALIC Recordings

Additional reading:
Fanta Dorado on Facebook
Stabil Elite on the transatlantic diablog



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