“The world is full of cool blogs. Be it art, fashion, photography, travel, food, politics or any other topic. They are very personal. Very often great pieces of journalism. Sometimes very powerful. They can report from everywhere. The Arab Spring? Sports events? Concerts? Fairgrounds? Or from any other neighbourhood. The transatlantic diablog award likes to put those gems into the spotlight – on both sides of the Atlantic.” – Words by the team of the transatlantic diablog.

The 2012 transatlantic diablog award is our annual award to find the best blog or website you have heard of in the last year. The most funny, interesting, informative, best-looking, whatever… You decide! For the third time, by the way.

Just name one blog and post, please. No idea? Maybe your own blog? That’s okay for us…


Every nominated blog will be presented on the transatlantic diablog and our social media channels. Full coverage: photos, words, links, etc. After that, all of our (and your readers) vote. And finally in January 2013, the winner will be announced. – and gets more space here on the diablog. Interview, more stories. For one year. On a regular basis… Very cool, isn’t it?

That’s for the facts. Now it’s up to you.

Nominate one post of a blog you like to. It’s easy. Just post its name, the web-URL, and maybe a few words why you want it to be nominatedDo it with a comment in our community section just below this article (We keep your e-mail-address like a secret).



As always: There are a few restrictions:

1. it should be a blog that’s frequently updated.

2. it shouldn’t present the following content: sexually explicit material or porn (non-sexual nudity is allowed). Defamatory, discriminatory, racist or other unlawful material.

Disclaimer: The transatlantic diablog and its award are non-commercial and not affiliated to any company. We don’t offer a (monetary) prize or guarantee any reward. We are not related to any of the nominated blogs/websites and not responsible for third-party-links.




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