As promised last weekend via our friend’s twitter channel @THESUPPORTUS, we have some new and very cool information regarding the #2012diablogaward. But first of all: Thank you very much to all of you who’ve voted, participated or took part in any other form. What a great response from you all. The award is still growing. The first run was back in 2010.

Among all the activity around the #2012diablogaward, there’s some we like to present here.

Ola, The Comedian presented quite “a few” messages to make people vote for him. Facebook, Twitter, and so on… And: Well it helps…



Emma Fisher responded via Twitter to her nomination and was a bit confused about it. But people vote. Look here.



Oh God, My Wife Is German came back from a trip to Germany lately and was quite busy re-tweeting our messages too.

And then we have to say that there are quite a lot of you who want to win a poster by our friends or TYPORiA, the new “Living Room for Visual Communication”. We will announce the winner, who can choose one from five posters, soon.

After that the winner blog will be announced and, here’s the special information, the blog will get some prizes too.

1. To honour the winner blog, the transatlantic diablog teamed up with TYPORiA for a second time. The guys contacted a Los Angeles artist to design a special winner certificate. It will be printed in a large format and send to the winner.

2. Also: The winner blog will get ongoing coverage, reports, interviews and more on the transatlantic diablog and the related social media channels. For one year…

3. The winner and all the other nominated blogs will be presented in a special video published later this month.

Stay tuned and keep on voting. There are a few days left to do so…



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