A conversation with Aksel Ahmetoglu: Owner of Interior Aksel – Shop for Vintage Furniture

Interior Aksel is the place to go to for those of you who love vintage furniture. Chesterfield, and more. Old furniture, lamps and very stylish product from the last century. Always touring Europe and the rest of the world to find and sell those pieces. That’s Aksel Ahmetoglu. Founder and owner of the store Interior Aksel.

The transatlantic diablog met him for a chat in Aachen – his hometown.

A.: You know. My priority is authentic vintage furniture by Chesterfield and other design classics. But espacially the old Chesterfields. Most of the items are from the time of Art Deco, so from around the 1930s, until the early 80s. It was my initial idea to find those old treasures. They are rare and very unique. All of them. They stand the test of time. Very, very timeless…

tdb.: But there’s more on your shelf…

A.: Yeah. I like to combine that old English Chesterfield style with other classics. Why not combining a Chesterfield sofa with an Eames Chair? I like that.

tdb: When did you start?

A.: There comes a point in most men’s life when you realize that being a professional soccer player will always be a dream. At that time I worked for a very famous Auction company here in Aachen. I still do that from time to time, actually. I’ve learned a lot there. First of all I fell in love with the products. But it also was a very good place to find out how to work with customers and those high-quality products. I went to auctions. Organized some. It’s a very close circle of people who can afford to buy those products. I owe that time a lot…

tdb: Tell us about your most favourite item?

A.: That’s a very tough question. I guess, it’s the robot you may know from Queen’s album “News Of The World”. Actually, it is the robot. In the late 1970s a French company called “LA Hotte” built a few of the robots to promote the album. There a just of few of them left – somewhere in the world. I spoke to a guy from a Queen-fanclub. He told me that maybe just around 10 of these robots still exist. That robot is special. But I love all of the pieces.

(Impressions from a special event by Interior Aksel held at a castle in Aachen. More photos here.)

tdb: So who buys Chesterfield?

A.: Everybody. Really. Most of the times, and that’s also important fof me, is that people who buy, let’s say a Chesterfield sofa, really appreciate it. They know what they want. There are so many bad copies floating around. I like to tell my customers what makes an original Chesterfield sofa precious.

tdb: To find rare pieces means you have to travel a lot, right?

A.: That’s right. In the last two years I made a lot of miles around Europe. But I like to speak to my customers. Most of them I know personally. And I also like to travel to other countries like Great Britain or France. They are a lot of wonderful auction houses and fairs. I mean, those are the places where you find rare things. To see other cultures and mentalities is maybe more important than to only have a good business.

Check out our exclusive photos shot while having a walk through Aksel Ahmetoglu’s studio in January 2013.

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