A few Questions for Ola The Comedian – Comedian, Writer and Winner of the #2012DIABLOGAWARD

(Photo from Ola’s Facebook page)

A few weeks ago the #2012diablogaward ended – with the announcement of a winner. It was and still is Ola The Comedian from Croydon – in the souther London area. And since time moved on in the meantime, we got in touch with him recently to find out what he’s up to at the moment. Any plans for another USA-trip like the one last year, maybe?

Read below what he answered to our short questions…

Describe yourself in five words
Hilarious, awesome, intelligent, sexy, humble.

Where do you feel home?
Wherever my friends are.

What’s your profession?
Stand-Up Comedian, Writer, Actor, Comedy Club Owner, Entrepreneur

More after the jump/below…

What’s your most daring plan for 2013?
To open my own comedy club, which I have done.

How come you became a comedian?
I fell in love with the art form whilst at university.

How and when did you hear about being nominated for the #2012diablogaward?
Surprised, Excited and a little bit suspicious.

What’s in your mind hearing the word “transatlantic”?
I think flights from London to New York. I ❤ NY

What is your blog about?
It’s about me. Things I think, see, like and feel.

Tell us about your origins
My family are from Nigeria but I was born and raised in the UK.

How was your recent trip to the United States?
The most recent trip was exciting, fun and inspiring.

What’s the meaning of life?
Philippians 1:21

What are you afraid of?
I hate spiders, snakes and rats but I’m afraid someone will realise that when I say I hate them, it’s a thinly veiled masculine way of saying I’m afraid of them.

Do you believe in politics?
It depends what you mean because I believe it exists but I don’t put my faith in it.

What’s your favourite word and why?
Yes, because it usually means something awesome is about to happen.

What’s precious for you?
My peace of mind

How do you move through the world/town?
Fast enough to stay ahead but slow enough to enjoy it.

Extra reading:
The award-winning blog by Ola The Comedian
Ola’s Facebook page



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