German Singer Herbert Groenemeyer in America – What we know so far…

He’s a star in Germany – as well as in other European countries. Herbert Groenemeyer. Originally written with the letter “ö”. The one you won’t find on an American keyboard. So since we’ve reported about Mr. Groenemeyer now crossing the Atlantic to play some music there, it’s time to check out what we know so far about it…

Ten facts here and after the jump (video, too)…

1. Born April 12, 1956, Herbert Groenemeyer is an active musician, composer and performer since the early 1970s. He started as a composer at a theater in Bochum – western Germany.

2. In Germany every album he has brought out since 1984 went to number one. All in all he has sold over 13 million records in Germany only.

3. According to Mr. Groenemeyer “caring” is the strongest human emotion (watch the video below below…)

(Video by groenlandrecords)

4. On his latest English album, called “I Walk”, famous artists like Bono, James Dean Bradfield and Anthony Johnson are featured.

5. Groenemeyer’s live shows are legendary. His stage is often designed by famous photographer, director and designer Anton Corbijn. Mr. Groenemeyer calls him a friend (watch a video of Groenemeyer’s most famous song “Mensch” at the end of the article).

6. There’s an English website available. It’s here.

7. In early 2013 Mr. Groenemeyer came to America for two shows. He performed in Chicago and New York.

8. At the moment you can win one of four signed copies of his album “I Walk”.


9. On his 1984 album “Bochum”, named after the German town, there’s a song called “America”. Which, of course, is German for America. Some of the lyrics are (roughly translated): “Oh America / you’ve done a lot for us” – More here.

10. Herbert Groenemeyer wrote the soundtrack to the movie “The American” – directed by Anton Corbijn. Here’s a song. A few years earlier Groenemeyer even gave financial support to the director as he was producing his first movie “Control”.

11. Bonus fact: Groenemeyer himself was a famous actor in Germany. He had a leading role in the movie “Das Boot” but now does not pursue that any further… At least we think so.

(Video by groenlandrecords)

Did we forget any facts? Tell us below, please…


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