10 Movies starring Elvis Presley – and their funny German Title-Translations

There was a time when it was not uncommon for Germany to translate the titles of foreign movies. Why? Well, to make people understand it. Sounds good. But sometimes it went a bit too far. Changing the meaning of the original title to something else is not that good, right?

Today, Germany keeps the titles most of the times – for movies and TV-shows. So we have “How I Met Your Mother” or “Fringe” and “CSI”. But now back to the times when titles we changed. Why not looking at some of the Elvis Presley movies?

The Top Ten after the jump/below… (Germany obviously loved the word “hot”…)


1. Love Me Tender from 1956 = in Germany: Gun smoke and hot leather

2. G.I. Blues (1960) = Café Europe

3. Kid Galahad (1962) = Hard fist, hot love

4. It Happened at the World’s Fair (1963) = Whether blond or brown [from a German rhyme that concludes with “… I love all the women”]

5. Roustabout (1964) = King of the hot rhythm

6. Easy come, easy go (1967) = Sailor ahoy

7. Stay away Joe (1968) = Hard fist, hot songs [almost like the translation to Kid Galahad]

8. Spinout (1966) = Never say never

9. Tickle Me (1965) = Cowboy Melody

10. Loving You (1957) = Gold from a hot throat

By the way, 40 years ago Elvis Presley made a triumphant return to the stage with “Aloha From Hawaii” – the to this date most expensive TV-production ever. A television broadcast a few weeks later had 51 percent of the American TV-audience watching the show. Beating the broadcast of Apollo 11’s landing on the moon.

To remember the Elvis’ movie “Blue Hawaii” watch the trailer below…

(Movie by Hal Wallis Production)



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