A List of Songs with, from and about “Flood” – Songs/Videos included…

Water as one of the substances you can’t live without very well, has a reccuring role in the world of music. To specify it a bit, we now a have a look at a special form of it. The flood.

So here’s our list of songs with, from and about “Flood”.

Four songs and stories after the jump and below…

Flood, the producer.
The nickname of the British music producer and engineer Mark Ellis. He has worked on many well-known albums and songs from acts like Depeche Mode, U2, New Order, The Smashing Pumpkins, Editors and a lot more. Here’s more about Flood. Ellis got his name as a young studio runner when he had to take requests from artists for tea and something to eat…

(Song by Depeche Mode. Remixed by Flood)

Peter Gabriel’s “Here Comes The Flood”.
A song from the first solo album of the former Genesis frontman. The 1977 album, simply titled “I”, contained Peter Gabriel’s first hit “Solsbury Hill”, but also the song “Here Comes The Flood”. Peter Gabriel once said the song sounds over-produced. Here’s a live-version of the song, recorded in Milan, Italy in 2003.

(Video by Peter Gabriel)

Katie Meluas “The Flood”.
A song from the Georgian-born British singer’s fourth album. Released on 24 May 2010 Melua expanded her range of sound. She wrote the song together with Guy Chambers and Lauren Christy. The album was produced by William Orbit. We present a special version recorded live on German television.

(Video by ZDF. Song by Katie Melua)

Flood, the movie.
And as every movie it has a soundtrack. This one to the British disaster film from 2007 (directed by Tony Mitchell) was composed by Debbie Wiseman. More about the movie here. And here’s a track from the score…

(Song by Silva Screen Records, Ltd.)



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