New Book: What Vaseline has to do with Rockstars – MTV hero Steve Blame explains… [w. Download]

What makes a star? and why are some of them are even more successful than others? These are the questions Steve Blame wants to answer – in his new book. It’s called “Emotional Vaseline”. More about the title after the jump and below… But before you watch the trailer you might ask: “Why the title?” Well, the trailer has the answer.

Steve Blame, by the way, knows what he’s writing about. Born in England in 1959, he later became one of MTV’s news presenters and editors. And so he spoke to many of the minor and major artists he now writes about.

EXTRA: You can also download an eBook version of “Emotional Vaseline” via a link  after the jump and below…

(Video by Steve Blame)


More about that:
Steve Blames official website
Mr. Blame on Facebook




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