SECRET REVEALED: We know who THE MOTHER is – What now on “How I Met Your Mother”?

Was it a smart move or rather a social media disaster?

The hugely successful TV sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” is, or was, centred around the secret around the future wife of main character Ted. Originally intended to end after eight seasons; the creators and show-runners decided to reveal the mother after eight seasons. But due to the success there’s one more season to follow. What now?

People now know the mother. CBS even revealed a photo of the mother before the very episode, season eight finale, was aired. A photo on facebook and twitter (check it out it below…). And people responded. Some said: “I didn’t watch the show for eight years to find out about the mother via facebook.”

We have three possible ways on how the show can go on in season nine.

WAY 1.
There were hints and ideas revealed over the course of the show. Hints about the mother. She has a yellow umbrella. She plays the bass in a band. And some more. (By the way, tell us some below, if you like to…). So the woman in the last scene of episode 8.24 has a yellow umbrella. But who says it’s hers? Maybe she just brings it to some other woman…

WAY 2.
Knowing the mother could be a very smart move of the creators. Now there’s time to fall in love with the mother. For both: Ted and the viewers. Imagine how it would be if the show ended with Ted meeting his future wife in the last episode. Maybe people would be unsatisfied…

WAY 3.
Maybe people now know who the mother is. But maybe she does not appear again until the final episode of the final and 9th season. So the secret is not revealed at all. Viewers don’t even know the Lady’s name to this date…

(Video by CBS)


In the United States the last epsiode of season eight aired on May 13, 2013 (the show started back in 2005). People on the other side of the Atlantic have to wait a bit longer.

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